Special Interest Tours  

Special Interest Tours are trips that are designed as per the requirement of a particular client, on a one to one basis. Moreover the subjects or topics of the trips are numerous, most of which are not mentioned in this website. Any activity you may wish to conduct in Ethiopia that requires logistic support such as trips and/or car rentals, etc. may be considered as a special interest tour.

Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
You may have business or other types of meetings that will be conducted in the various conference facilities available in Ethiopia. You may attend these meetings alone or as a member of a group. We have services specially designed for the Conference Tourist.

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  Couples married or to be married for couples that
are married just recently or
are married for some time now, or
want to conduct their marriage the Ethiopian way, or
Wish to experience the Ethiopian Wedding ceremonies,
we do have traditional wedding services centuries old. .

Other Interests
1. Are you a photographer that would like to go on a photo-safari to get professional shots of the historic, natural and cultural attractions of Ethiopia?

2. Are you a garden and green area enthusiast that would like to visit and study Ethiopian plants suitable for gardening?

3. Do you want to visit friends and relatives living outside of Addis or do you want to spend some time among the various ethnic groups?

Whatever your interest is, when you need a reliable operator
that knows the various rural locations of Ethiopia,
that is able to effectively communicate with the different ethnic groups,
that is able to provide you with cost-effective logistic services contact us and leave the rest to us.