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We have enjoyed two holidays planned, organized and accompanied by Tesfa and are planning a third. Both went smoothly and we enjoyed greatly
everything we saw and did in this wonderful country. Tesfa was good company, his organization was superb and local arrangements were excellent. He adapted the itinerary flexibly to our wishes and dealt with minor problems quickly and unobtrusively.

Richard Strang and his family
From UK
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We both feel that you have been an excellent guide for us because you:

- speak very clear English
- Obviously have a lot of experience from many years of guiding many very different people
- Never gave us the impression of being tired of guiding
- were always punctual and clear
- are an excellent organizer
- were never impatient

We wish you the very best for your future and are very happy if and when we meet again.

Betty and Matt Steinbruchel
From Switzerland
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Now that I'm safely backed in the UK I would like to thank you so much for organizing such a terrific itinerary for me. I had the most amazing time with Tesfa and driver Ahmed, and taking everything into consideration I think our trip was a resounding success. We only had four punctures - pretty good under the circumstances I reckon!

I am well traveled in Southern, Central and East Africa, but nothing prepares one for Ethiopia. It is so very different from the rest of the African countries, and as far as I'm concerned the only way to see the country is the way I did - with vehicle, driver and guide. And I couldn't have had better companions or been better looked after. Nothing was too much trouble for Tesfa and he is a delightful young man with an excellent knowledge of his country. We explored many places and had many laughs together. I was more than satisfied with everything he did for me, and was very lucky to have such an excellent guide for whom I thank you.

All in all, I was very happy indeed with my trip, and feel that I now have a very good overall picture of Ethiopia. I fulfilled so many ambitions: to see Ethiopian wolves, gelada baboons and Walia ibex in the wild were top of my list. We couldn't have been luckier, and the weather held out for us so that we saw all three under blue skies. One of my other wishes was to reach the top of Abuna Yemata, something that without Tesfa's encouragement and urging I would never have achieved. I still can hardly believe I got to the top, but it was the most terrifying climb I have ever, ever done!! And I also very much wanted to get to the top of Makdala Hill - another goal achieved.

There's so much I'm grateful to you for, and I will end this with another huge Thank You for a wonderful trip.

Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson
From UK

This is just a short note to thank you for all your assistance on my wonderful tour of Ethiopia.

Before I start, I want to compliment you on your beautiful and exciting country. The people are friendly & helpful in most places & the diversity of your landscape & ethnic tribes made for a really interesting & informative holiday. In the south, one gets a taste of how people have lived for generations, in a simple accessible way. The north, which is better known, has its highlights of architecture, artifacts & ancient religious ways. Fortunately the northern areas are not as well known as, say, Petra in Jordan, or the Pyramids in Egypt & South America. I say fortunately, because visitors are still very welcome & allowed to view incredible wonders of ancient times in the churches and monasteries. The countryside & birdlife is spectacular - a photographer's paradise.

None of this would have been possible without your unfailing assistance and willingness to accommodate my many requests. You must be commended for being available all the time, ensuring that I was well fed and watered and that my accommodation was satisfactory. I appreciate that you were always punctual and reliable and at no time did I feel that anything was too much trouble. Ethiopia is a difficult country in which to drive so I would also like to put in a good word for Ahmed, our unflappable driver who negotiated some of the most amazing roads calmly and with a good disposition.

As you know, I will be visiting Ethiopia again next year - time did not permit me to see everything on my last visit & I really look forward to seeing you again & allowing you to take care of me.

Best wishes
Linzi Mons
From south Africa
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Tesfa Alemayehu was our guide on a wide-ranging tour of Ethiopia in 2008 that included the best of almost everything from remarkable ancient churches and cultural curiosities to extraordinary, rare, indigenous wildlife, birds and areas of stunning natural beauty as well as tribal markets and a taste of the myriad different cultures and people of wonderful Ethiopia. Tesfa is knowledgeable and fun to travel with and we had a fantastic trip with him and a brilliant driver who safely negotiated the most rugged roads of mountains and plains. In a land of ancient miracles, Tesfa even managed to lay on a major power cut that ensured the Tis Issat Falls were in full flow for us to visit, an almost unique experience these days.

From UK
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"Tesfa provided excellent and caring service on our visit to the Northern areas of Ethiopia. We combined touring with work and it required that Tesfa be exceptionally flexible and creative about setting up our schedule, making detours when appointments changed, helping us make the most of opportunities when they presented themselves. He was most accommodating, caring, and made our work become important to him as well. He has continued to be our person on site once we had to leave for the States simply because he so cares about his country and looks for opportunities to expand possibilities for his countrymen.

We look forward to returning to Ethiopia, and we look forward to continuing our work with Tesfa as well. We have recommended him to several NGOs that we partner with as well"

Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Gail fisher
From United States
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"Ethiopian Enterprises - a Swiss-based charity which finances selected projects in Ethiopia - is delighted to endorse the work of Tesfa Alemayehu as a travel agent and tour guide in Ethiopia.

Members of our board, including my husband and myself, have worked with Tesfa in Ethiopia on four separate occasions. His company Ethiopia Link Tours organizes made-to-measure tours in Ethiopia, and Tesfa himself is an excellent guide. He knows his country, gets on well with his countrymen as well as with overseas guests, and is knowledgeable about Ethiopia. He speaks and understands English well.

Given that we work on various projects when visiting Ethiopia, and that our timetable and working hours are often challenging, we require a high degree of flexibility from any guide with whom we work. Tesfa is our preferred guide because he is ready to help with any task whether trivial or challenging. He even filled in as our assistant cameraman in July this year while we were working on a fund-raising film for our charity!

Tesfa Alemayehu and his business Ethiopia Link Tours offer really good value for money. We are happy to recommend his services to anyone planning to visit Ethiopia."
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Lesley Stephenson
From Switzerland
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"For any of you wanting a challenging trek, outstanding friendly people, & / or fascinating early 4th century Christian heritage in a country with an enormous breadth to offer - Tesfa will personally guide you around.

Claire & I are sold on Ethiopia...and will be going back!"

Year first hired: 2011

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

John Bauer
From Australia
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"Tesfa provided a very memorable trip from the hyenas to the 4th century monasteries containing the arc of the covenant. Ethiopia is a wonderful country with very friendly people and interesting religious sights, natural reserves and tribal cultures which have remained unspoilt by the influences of the both century.
Tesfa utilized his expert knowledge of Ethiopia and provided an unforgettable experience. I will certainly be returning to Ethiopia and will again be using his services and that infectious passion for providing customers a good introduction to his count.

Shaun Rixon
From Germany
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