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Ethiopia is Africa’s best-kept secret with a little bit of everything but also much of each. It is the continent's dark side of the moon - get there before it's brought to light.

The joy of traveling is that it can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world. Indeed one of the best recommended countries for all breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic flora, fauna (mainly endemic mammals, birds, plants) and pristine cultural diversity maintained by perpetual history is undoubtedly Ethiopia.

Located in the northeastern Horn of Africa, equidistant to the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, Ethiopia is the oldest nation in Africa. Its bedrock belongs to the earth's first continent, a continent known by geologists as Gondwanaland. Africa forms the largest intact remnant of this.

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Lucy, the oldest hominid, whose remains were found in Ethiopia's part of the Great Rift Valley in the place called HADAR, lived among her companions. Being huge, Ethiopia represents an amusing natural, cultural and historical diversity. Its favorable climatic conditions and landscape make Ethiopia the home of bird life and mammals. After the rains, it is decked with flowers and with more native plants than most countries in Africa.

The country is endowed with peerless geological formations, varying from 116 meters below sea level that is the radiant sulfuric inferno. The Danakil Depression to the alpine peaks that rise to 4620 meters in the rugged Semien Mountains only the phenomenal Great Rift Valley cuts Ethiopia in two, forming a series of marvelous lakes, thriving with opulent in all life forms.

Ethiopia's awe-inspiring diversity is well represented in our tailor-made and package tours. There are options of an exciting adventure, off-road safaris, mobile camping, and guided trekking as well as culture. Prices range from budget to family, luxury and truly exotic vacation travel!

Ethiopia has a cultural, historical and linguistic identity quite distinct from the rest of Africa, largely because it is the only African country to have resisted European colonisation. The official language of Ethiopia, Amharic is a Semitic language, although there are more than 80 different languages, with innumerable dialects. With its ancient history, its long connection with Christianity and Islam, and its complex culture, Ethiopia is captivating. It’s known, above all for its exceptional historical attractions, including centuries old rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and grand castles of Gonder.

Home to some famous archaeological finds, including Lucy (Australopithecus Afarensis) Ethiopia is known as the cradle of Humanity. Archeologically speaking, Ethiopia is to sub- Saharan Africa what Egypt is to North Africa. Many monasteries are located in the islands which populate Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia, which is also the source of the Blue Nile.

In contrast with its international image as a land of desert and famine, the word ‘diverse’ is the only way to describe Ethiopia. Diverse in geography, peoples, cultures and wild life, the country offers correspondingly diverse attractions. The Siemien and Bale mountains offer spectacular scenic trekking, the rivers of the south offer white-water rafting and fishing, and the country’s parks have good wild life. Prolific birdlife flourishes everywhere. The south-western regions offer memorable encounters with tribes considered among the most intriguing on the continent, with their unique body decorations and customs. The Danakil Depression, in the North East has an otherworldly feel, with its bubbling sulphurous pools and volcano which has been active since 1967. Salt mining continues as it has done for hundreds of years.

As Ethiopia is approximately 60% Ethiopian Christian Orthodox, there are wonderful festivals celebrating the days of the Holy Calendar. Timkat (Epiphany) is celebrated in January and priests and followers dress in colourful robes. Meskel (the finding of the True Cross) is celebrated in Meskel Square in Addis, with a huge bonfire on September 27.

With its ‘little bit of everything’ but also much of each, Ethiopia turns out to be a country rich in tourism potential. Ethiopia is Africa’s best- kept secret. It is the continents’ dark side of the moon’ get there before it’s brought to light. Wherever you travel in Ethiopia you will be greeted with a smile and always be made to feel welcome. You will also be seven years younger; by the Ethiopian Julian calendar and you can look forward to thirteen months of sunshine!