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  Ethiopia link tours customized tours, tailor made and packages tours in Ethiopia adventure holidays. We have specialized in multi-adventure travel, bird watching trekking, archaeological, historical, cultural and ecological, camping, exploration expedition, discovery, rafting and game viewing tours. From the peak of Semien Mountains to the Danakil Depression (the lowest place in the world), from the warily inaccessible age-old rock hewn churches to the island monasteries, from the jagged ridges to the lush forests, from the archaeological findings to the live cultures of the multi-ethnic diversity, from endemic bird species to the rich flora fauna & biodiversity, from the off-road safari to the helicopter tour, from the ancient historical monuments to the medieval castles, from the highland table mountains & plateaus to the great rift valley lakes & hot springs, Ethiopia link tours offers a number of extraordinary tour programs that introduce you to the beauty face off Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Link Tours suggested itineraries are based on the major touring routes in Ethiopia. They are also based on interest by past visitors whom we have served over the years. Although we feel that our suggested itineraries provide a comprehensive view of specific areas of interest, we are flexible and will customize to your individual needs.